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Columbus Water Line Repair

When people think of leaky plumbing they usually think of somebody going under the sink to tighten a few pipes and that’s it. Certainly, any Columbus plumbing company worth its salt can fix a simple leak in an easy-to-reach area like that.

But what happens when you have a problem with your main water line itself? That requires a more complex fix than a simple wrench under the sink and some plumbing tape.

Luckily, MB Plumbing is well-equipped to identify, locate, and repair water line problems before they get out of hand.

When Do You Need A Columbus Plumbing Company for Water Line Repair?

If you call MB Plumbing out to your Columbus water line repair job, you can rest assured we will locate and solve the problem. But because water line problems don’t always happen in obvious places, you may not even know you need a Columbus plumbing company to come out and deal with it.

It’s easy to spot a leaky faucet or sink, and you definitely know when you have a drain clog. Those happen in plain sight. Water line problems can be more subtle if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

One of the most common signs of a water line leak or other water line issue is if you notice a major decrease in water pressure. If you notice your shower has lost some of its intensity, or your kitchen faucet isn’t filling up your pots as fast, it’s likely you have a water line issue. This is especially true if you notice a lack of water pressure in multiple rooms at the same time, as compared to just one bathroom (in that case it may be a more localized problem).

You may also notice unexplained pools or puddles in your front yard. These are likely a sign of a damaged water line outside running to your home. Homeowners are responsible for the water line leading from your home to the curb shut-off point, so that is something you will want to take care of as soon as possible.

The other major sign of a water line leak is also the best reason to call a Columbus plumbing company for it – your water bill! No matter where you live, you probably have a pretty good idea of what your water bill should look like, So what happens if you receive a bill for three or four times as much as normal? Well, either you filled a couple of swimming pools that month, or you’re losing water somewhere else.

If you’re noticing any of these signs that you may need water line repair, call MB Plumbing and get the best Columbus plumbing company for the job.

Keeping Water Line Repair Costs Down With Technology

At one time, searching for a water line leak may have meant excavating your entire yard to search for it. In addition to being costly and time-consuming, it also meant ruining your yard!

Thanks to modern technology, our Columbus plumbing company can now use video imaging to locate any breaks, cracks, offsets, or obstructions in your water line, so we can pinpoint the location of the water line problem without digging out your yard to hunt for it.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you need a Columbus plumbing company for water line repair, MB Plumbing has both the equipment and the experience to do it efficiently and accurately, with minimal disruption to your regular life.

Every day that goes by with a water line leak is a day that your water bill is going up for water that’s not doing anything but flooding your yard. Call MB Plumbing today and let us stop that outflow of both your water and money.