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MB Plumbing was on time and did an amazing job on our new hot water tank. Joe the Technician was friendly and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for any of your plumbing needs!

Sean Farrell

We worked with Sean over the phone he was professional, friendly, and scheduled our new water heater install. Joe the technician showed up on time and did an amazing job! I recommend MB if you have a plumbing issue!

Brandon Mechtly

Fantastic Job! MB moved my laundry room and repaired a leaky bath tub. Joe was on time, clean and professional. I recommend – five stars

Katie Filbrun

Great Company! Will continue to use and would recommend.

Michelle Umana

We had a new clothes washer installed because the old one had stopped working properly. We had a week’s worth of dirty laundry, too since it took several days from ordering to delivery. When the installers hooked everything up, suddenly the faucets leaked when they had not before. I called MB Plumbing since they had installed a toilet for me a year ago and did so with great service. This time, they not only responded quickly, but also they had the same guy, Joe, come out the next moring and he he fixed things up within minutes. Love these guys. I would highly recommend.

Jon Heath

Thank you to this company who always attended to our needs. Always available, punctual and professional. They are very knowledgeable and very thorough in answering all of our questions. Appreciate them as an honest and reliable company that we can count on.

Charles Woods

He’s the pro I worked with. Good work! From planning to the actual appointment, the customer experience was excellent from start to finish! I appreciate you explaining the problem with my shower not working properly and I am also grateful for explaining the various repair options. This will save your contact and most likely reuse it. I have worked with two other plumbing companies and they were not as good as this company!

Henry Douglas

They came to check our gas fireplace to make sure it was ready for this cold day. They are our best in San Antonio, very thorough, checking the gas lines, making sure there are no leaks, explaining the steps to get the fireplace working. Light the fireplace for us. Great customer service. I will use them from now on. Very professional and polite.

Jay Gardiner

I use this company for all plumbing issues I have. They do an excellent job, their prices are reasonable, and they don’t try to push you into doing work you don’t need. They saved me money today by explaining that the service they thought I needed is now the service I don’t need. I can absolutely recommend them.

John Brown

The technician/plumber was extremely polite and professional; his attention to detail was definitely appreciated.

Chad Hoenie

Really took the time to understand what was needed and did a great installation.

Rob Longest

The plumber who came to our house was outstanding. Very pleased with his work.

Michael Parry

Very good experience.

Beverly Duncan

Came right on time and did an excellent job.

David Sawin

Joe was great!

Susan Huhta

Job well done. Arrived promptly on time. Likes to start early, which I prefer.

Steve Martin

It was excellent and extremely happy service.

Ravi Mandha

MB Plumbing was very easy to work with. We got a fast quote and the subsequent service was excellent. Our sump pump looks super clean and works great. I’ll definitely be using this company again.

Kyle Bullock

I had a great experience and trusted the plumber that came to help me. He was very knowledgeable and fixed the problem quickly.

Jessica Herbache

It was a wonderful experience. Joe was friendly and knowledgeable and explained the problem. I’m very satisfied with my new faucet.

Mary Ann Kimble

Excellent work. Very confident in his work and I trust the Plumber. He gets and deserves high reviews.

Beverly Duncan

Joe was on time, and finished the job quickly and efficiently. It was easy to make an appointment and I am happy with the work! Thank you!

Pamela Snow

I am very excited about my experience with MB Plumbing. The technician showed up on time and was very courteous. He connected the plumbing to my new sink, faucet, and garbage disposal then went over what he did with me explaining how my faucet works. He also went over how to reset my garbage disposal and how to remove a foreign object lodged in the garbage disposal. He also answered all my questions. Thank you Joe!

Dorothe Jenkins

Our Columbus Plumbing Services


Only the professional plumbers with good experience and expertise in plumbing will be able to tackle the problem with the tools and equipment.


Stop relying on store-bought drain cleaners that can cause harm to your pipes. Instead, get lasting results with our professional drain cleaning service.


Our expert team can locate plumbing leaks without the guesswork. Call us now to quickly and accurately find even the smallest water leak.


We have the expertise to repair or replace any type of water heaters. Contact us today if you need services for your conventional tank or tankless unit.


We have knowledge in the practice of materials used in the installation, maintenance and alteration of new construction plumbing systems including venting, water distribution, plumbing fixtures and traps.


We have been remodeling for many years. We know how to get permits, install all brands of plumbing fixtures, make drain and sewer repairs, and work with gas and electric.



Our dedicated crews specialize in the proper installation of new construction homes and multi family HVAC systems. We handle everything from layout to installation to securing all municipality required inspections.


Our dedicated crews specialize in home remodels from start to finish. Our specialists will work directly with the owners to meet all expectations while providing clean, courteous, and attentive service.


Our expert technicians can diagnose, service and replace your entire homes heating system. Our technicians will explain your options to help you in making the best decision for your needs and expectations.


Our expert technicians can diagnose, service, and replace your entire home’s cooling system. Our technicians will explain your options to help you in making the best decision for your needs and expectations.


Our expert technicians can assess your homes indoor air quality. They will recommend the proper equipment needed to give you the best quality and can install to your existing or new furnace. Our technicians can educate you on how to properly maintenance your equipment to keep the best air quality conditions in your home.


Our expert service technicians will carefully diagnose issues and make the necessary repairs required to get your system up and running properly. They can also recommend new systems as needed. We offer a wide range of service needs from repairs, tune-ups to yearly maintenance.

Committed & driven
to your Central Ohio
Plumbing and HVAC needs

Central Ohio Homeowners and Business owners rely on MB Plumbing & Mechanical as their reliable contractors for plumbing and HVAC services. We have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality plumbing & HVAC services that can solve even the most challenging problems. We offer very competitive pricing and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

We specialize in Service, New Build Construction, and Rehab/Remodel providing the highest caliber of results. We stand by our competitive estimates and guarantee all of our work.

When you need plumbing or HVAC services in Central Ohio, you can rely on MB Plumbing & Mechanical, where we provide 5-star service for every customer, every time.

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