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Columbus Plumbing Renovations

Lots of plumbing work involves fixing a problem or mitigating some sort of emergency, and usually it’s not a very happy thing – nobody wants to have a clogged drain, no matter how quickly or efficiently we fix it.

So by contrast, performing plumbing renovations in Columbus can be an exciting time. Rather than dealing with a leak or a clog and associated damages, you get to redesign your space, pick out new fixtures, and make everything look exactly the way you envision.

But doing plumbing renovations means more than simply picking out new tile and faucet fixtures, especially if you’re changing the placement of things in your bathroom or kitchen.

As a skilled Columbus plumbing company, MB Plumbing can help you with every stage of the renovation process, from planning, to designing, to installing and finishing.

Why Do You Need a Columbus Plumbing Company for Renovations?

Too often, people think of hiring a Columbus plumbing company only when there’s some sort of emergency. Renovations aren’t an emergency, they’re a fun DIY project, right?

Well, they can be. But unless you’re going into the project with a fair amount of skill and experience, it may instead end up being frustrating and costly. It is not uncommon, during Columbus plumbing renovation projects, to see money wasted because a fixture is broken during installation, or a water line isn’t connected properly and springs a leak, damaging the flooring. New tile can be broken or chipped because of dropping something on it.

In all of these cases, that means not only more money out of your pocket for repairs and replacements, but also it means that the renovations will take longer and be more frustrating.

When you hire a professional, licensed, bonded and insured Columbus plumbing company like MB Plumbing, you can stop worrying about mistakes and errors. We have the experience to get the job done to your specifications, accurately and efficiently. We observe all safety protocols, we have the right tools for the job, and we can identify potential trouble spots before they cause actual trouble.

We can help with the planning to help you design and pick out the best options for ease of use and cost-efficiency in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else, and you can trust that when we come to install it, it will be tested and working properly. In the event that something does get broken on our watch, we replace it, not you.

What Kinds of Plumbing Renovation in Columbus Can We Do?

We are a Columbus plumbing company that services both residential and commercial buildings, so whether you need plumbing renovations for your Columbus home, office building, or multi-family unit, we can handle the job, large or small.

We are experienced with all sorts of individual home renovations, but can also go through and perform matching renovations for an apartment community or other multi-family unit as needed. And commercial or office buildings are no problem either.

Naturally, the most common places for a plumbing renovation in Columbus are the kitchen and bathroom, since that’s where plumbing tends to run most commonly. But that’s not all we can do! Wherever you have plumbing, we can help you upgrade it!

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your Columbus plumbing renovations, including custom jobs!