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Professional Drain Cleaning in Columbus

We’ve all been there at least once or twice. You start to notice your sink or bathtub draining slower than it used to, and you immediately start thinking about how to fix it.

Maybe you go to the store and pick up some chemical drain cleaner. Or perhaps you grab a “snake” style drain cleaner and try to fish out the blockage yourself. Afterwards, you might see some marginal improvements.

Problem is, both of these methods can cause long-term damage to your pipes, and they often ignore the root of the problem. So you’re getting a temporary solution that may end up costing you big in the long run.

Instead of reaching for the drain cleaners off the shelf, call MB Plumbing, your Columbus plumbing company that offers professional drain cleaning services that will solve the problem at its source.

Why Do Drains Get Clogged?

As an experienced Columbus plumbing company, we’ve seen a number of different types of drain clogs, with many different causes. A bathtub clog and a toilet clog will likely have different causes, as will a clog in the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink.

With frequent use, every type of drain will eventually hit some sort of clog or blockage at some point. Different types of clogs can be caused by food, hair, soap, and build-up from minerals and oils. You may also have blockages that are closer to the surface, or some that are deep in your pipes – possibly even main line blockages.

If you want to avoid drain blockages, you can consider a hair-stopper for your bathroom drain. Make sure to throw out oils and greases from cooking, rather than pouring it down your garbage disposal. Also, try to avoid putting celery, starches, eggshells and coffee grounds in your disposal as well, as these all increase the likelihood that you’ll need to call a Columbus plumbing company for drain cleaning.

Why Hire Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

Our professional drain cleaning services come equipped to handle any type of clog in any type of drain, and we understand that different clogs require different approaches.

There is a lot to consider when approaching a drain clog, and doing it yourself, you may not have the ability to consider all the variables. When our Columbus plumbing company works on a drain clog, we consider things like the material of your pipes, the nature of the blockage, and whether certain methods of clearing the blockage could cause damage to your pipes.

Our professional drain cleaners are able to identify the source of the problem – even if it’s all the way down in your main line or sewer line – and put together the best way to clear it permanently, without causing damage to your property. We can inspect, clean, repair and replace pipes as needed to get your plumbing working like new again.

With professional snaking and water jetting services, we choose the right approach to your drain clog every time, so contact our Columbus plumbing company today and say goodbye to slow drains and gurgling pipes!