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Sump Pump Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Basements and flooding tend to go hand-in-hand, especially in Columbus. Even if you’re not dealing with a frequent flooding problem, you may notice that your basement is frequently damp and creating unwanted moisture. Luckily, both of these problems can be easily solved by having a Columbus plumbing company like MB Plumbing install or repair a sump pump in your basement.

A sump pump protects your basement from flooding and removes excess moisture, and is a great way to protect your basement – and by extension the rest of your home – from long-term damage.

If you need help keeping your basement dry, here’s what you need to know about sump pump installation in Columbus.

Why Do You Need Sump Pump Installation in Columbus?

It’s a common problem that we run into as a Columbus plumbing company – basements flood and they gather moisture, especially during rainy seasons.

Obviously, we don’t need to explain why flooding is bad, but even small amounts of latent dampness and moisture can cause issues over time. Mold, mildew, wood rot, and pest invasions are just the start of the issues you can face without sump pump installation in Columbus homes.

A damp basement is also just an unpleasant place to be. The air is unusually humid, and it smells bad. In some cases, the long-term moisture can even cause electrical or structural damage.

Calling MB Plumbing for sump pump installation in Columbus means having a powerful line of defense in place to protect your basement against flooding, and also safeguarding it against the unpleasantness and potential damage of long-term moisture build-up.

How Does Sump Pump Installation in Columbus Work?

The reason why basements tend to flood and collect moisture is usually because of pooling groundwater around your property. Over time, this standing water seeps into the ground and will actually start to drain into the foundation of your home. When your home has a basement, that is a perfect target for that water to gather and seep in.

So how does sump pump installation by a Columbus plumbing company actually solve that problem?

A sump pump is a piece of equipment that we install at the lowest possible point where the water pools up, so we can pump it out via a hose, to a different location – usually a gutter or storm drain.

By pumping the water out of the place where it tends to pool, you effectively remove one of the root causes of flooding and moisture in a basement.

However, just because you’ve had sump pump installation in Columbus, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re set for life.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance and Sump Pump Repair in Columbus!

While ordering a sump pump installation from a Columbus plumbing company is a great step to protect your basement and foundation from flooding and damage, the reality is that sump pumps can fail.

The most frequent reason why a sump pump can fail is that it’s simply overworked and under-maintained. If your basement is especially susceptible to flooding, your sump pump is probably working overtime to keep things dry, and that’s going to wear it down faster.

For some larger properties, a secondary or backup sump pump may be a good idea just to be safe. But for most, it’s enough to just make sure you call a Columbus plumbing company to perform yearly maintenance on your sump pump. At MB Plumbing, we can keep your sump pump working at its optimal level, and will recognize signs of wear so we can alert you to if you may soon need a repair or sump pump replacement in Columbus.

We can also help set your sump pump up with a battery backup system so that it will continue working even if severe weather causes a power outage.

If you want to ensure your Columbus home is protected from flooding and moisture damage, all you need to do is contact us today and get a quote!